Smile every time you cast with the 7’6″ St. Croix Premium Carbon Spinning Rod

Want a fishing rod that’s an extension of your own arm and made in America to boot?

The 7’6″ St. Croix rod will satisfy your walleye fishing dreams. Lifelong outdoorsmen call this “the best rod out there.” St. Croix rods are sworn by seasoned anglers who’ve spent their teenage years fishing for bass back in the late 70’s and into the 80’s.

After 35 years, they’re still loyal to the brand and say…

“I fish with nothing else.”

“American made perfection.”

“My favorite rod ever.”

“American made beautiful rod.”

Look at that cork handle.

One of the Best New St. Croix Rods

“You already know St.Croix is the best. This rod confirms it.”

And I thought Ugly Sticks were popular! If you have five St. Croix rods and want another, this St. Croix is a great addition that will become by far the favorite and lightest one you own. See the specifics below.

We like the PS46ULM and the PS76MF2 because of the versatility and ease of use.

Works Best With

Shimano Stradic Ci4+ 2500 XG FB spinning reel or this one spooled with Berkeley Fireline.

When you have it set up, your cast will be a dream. You’ll be surprised at how light it is with a strong backbone – easily able to toss small lures but also can handle a load. You can use it in creeks, ponds, small lakes along the banks, rivers, medium lakes, great lakes, seas and oceans.

Not even a giant carp from the manayunk canal is going to be tough for you to bring in. Perfect lightweight and size for sitting in your kayak.

People who own this rod love it:

“Excellent product , and will last and last , and LAST !”

“This is one of the best fishing poles that money can buy.”

“Bought 6 rods.
Sons and grandkids.
Girls loved purple.”

Catch walleye, largemouth bass, chain pickerel, trout, crappie, yellow perch, and bigger bluegills