SUP Go Plus 10’6″ For Fishing

Fishing on a stand up paddle board is one of the best ways to fish. Unless you’re uncoordinated and prone to getting tangled up, you should give SUP fishing a try.

Nothing can beat a quick row out into where the fish are, casting away, and pulling them in one after another cast after cast. Any one who can do that is a pro, and I’ve seen it done once or twice by Brody, the world’s greatest fisherman.

This stand up package holds up to 330 lbs, not just 300! Don’t be fooled by their own marketing, this baby can accommodate a baby walrus.

Nice Retro Look With Bright Colors

The colors on this board help you to be seen. Some boaters don’t understand what a paddle board is. Crotchety geezers who hate everything new might even step on the gas to try and knock you over or get close before hitting the jets, acting like they don’t see you.

An introduction to the world of SUP fishing

This board is great for saving money while getting an inflatable and all the pieces included that enable you to look awesome while FISHING!

People Who Bought the Go Plus 10’6″ Say…

“We are really happy with this board!”

“I love the paddle board. I have so much fun on the water since I purchased this.”

“Have used this on a small lake and Lake Michigan! Great board, portable and affordable. Good size for all of my family including 6’2” husband.”

” I didn’t notice a difference between this and one we bought that was $100 more expensive. “

Get this board and take it a step further. Take your rod with you and do some fishing. It will be the best summer of your life!