The St. Croix Legend Walleye Tournament Rod

picture of the st. croix rod

Catching big fish just got sweeter! The St. Croix Legend Tournament Walleye Spinning Rod is the most advanced, yet still affordable, walleye rod in its class. The nice cork handle is easy on your hands and is built to endure.

Advanced bite detection and sensitivity

With advanced poly curve technology, this rod is equipped with sensitive bite detection and superb balance. You’ll find it easier casting like a champ and landing trophy fish. It’s Sensitive enough to detect the lightest bite, but with the power to work even the biggest guns, it’s a sweet rod that delivers legendary performance.

High-end components make this rod a must-have for any serious walleye angler. It’s the perfect match for this year’s walleye hatch.

This is a rod you’re going to love. It provides the durability you can rely on with the St. Croix brand and comfort for all day battle with walleye. You’ll be using this in the years to come, making it a wise investment for anyone serious about reeling in more impressive walleye.

The high end, legendary St. Croix rod works for the most demanding fisherman.

If you are looking for the ultimate balance of sensitivity, strength, and light weight, the Legend Tournament Walleye Rod is your answer!