7’6″ Ugly Stick Walleye Round Rod & Reel Combo

A great combo.

Whether you want a three pound walleye or a monster catfish, this is a great combo.

  • The high-quality rod with parabolic sensitivity.
  • The 400 Series Level Winds reel with a depth counter of 1000 feet.

Fans of the original Tiger Sticks love these rods. If you’re buying more than one then you’re not alone. Trollers and charters choose Ugly Stick because of its excellent quality and low cost:

“Awesome rod. I now have 6 of these and have had zero issues.”

“Excelente caña, súper barata.”

One Ugly Stick owner who couldn’t believe the price, tested the strength and flexibility by casting full water jugs. He never experienced a single snapped pole.

People who bought this combo say…

“The rod… is an Ugly Stick, which speaks for itself.”

“Nice combo rod is one of the lineup’s best kept secrets”

“I can tell they’re gonna be some dang fun fish catchers.”

“Quality of product was outstanding!”

“Rod & reel was a hit with my grandson!”

7″, 7’6″, or 9″?

It comes in three sizes, here’s how you can choose the right length for you. If you do a lot of fishing from the bank or shore then you’ll like the 9″. You can easily cast out light lures and quietly drop baits on unsuspecting fish. If you’re going for walleye then get the 7’6″. Get a 7′ if you’re fishing for catfish.

Get an Ugly Stick

Spool them with 300 yards of 15 lb mono. You can use it for walleye, Kokanee, and trout. Hipsters are out West tying on flies because they haven’t heard of bass or walleye.

Good For These Kind of Fish

WALLEYE, , bass, sheephead, Kokanee, catfish, striper, blue gill, trout, salmon

Good At These Places

Muskegon Lake, Finger Lakes, Lake Erie, Lake Superior, Lake Huron, Lake Michigan, Lake Ontario, Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean