A Freshwater Fish

Walleye have always been a sought after fish. Indians and early pioneers relied on walleye as a major food source, and they were plentiful. In 1815, hundreds of Walleye were caught in the Maumee River. People couldn’t believe the numbers and the size of them. Not just in that river either. People claimed to have caught 20 lb walleye in the Scioto. Dams needed building though. These dams disrupted the walleye’s migration, devastating a once abundant population.

Walleye or Salmon

Even though it’s a unique fish, the walleye has had a couple of nicknames. Neither have stuck. In the late 1880’s, Henshall came up with the Ohio salmon… Another man tried calling walleye a salmon some years after. Drifting down the Ohio on a skiff, he expressed disbelief about all the white salmon vanishing from the rivers. He was talking about walleye. He said it was because of the dams.

Yellow Walleye

You can find Yellow Walleye in shallow and cold clear waters, over bedrock and rocky reefs. If they aren’t by the shore at night then they’ve moved to deeper water.